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We are creating a truly Omni-Channel access for consumers to experience and purchase leading brands with a network of preferred channel partners. Techxhub works with the greatest retailers and leading resellers in the region enabling the customer experience to explore and buy best-in-class gear form leading gaming brands. To help you grow and succeed, Techxhub supports channel partners with curated product portfolio’s, customized resources, innovative marketing assets, sales programs and more. We offer comprehensive support tailored for your business aimed at long term success.Join the community passionate for doing more for all our customers.

Entrepreneurial spirit enables us to spearhead our pioneering ecosystem driven business model. We are passionate about taking gaming mainstream and work with wider esports community. Small or big, local, or regional we are always keen to partner with any and all involved in driving gaming or esports forward. Connect with us to explore sponsorships, events & tournament opportunities, affiliate programs and more. Techxhub supports esports events and teams with comprehensive resources, best-in-class gaming gear, creative and content to deliver compelling experiences.

Keep your readers up to speed, help us get the message farther. Link up with us to know about the latest action in gaming, new product releases, events and programs and major promotions. Media, technology publications, gaming communities, product reviewers, influencers, and brand ambassadors, may register with us for specific and relevant updates in specific country, city, or community.

How can we help you? Reach out to us and know more regarding the products we sell, authorised channels and customer support. All products we sell as an Authorised Distribution Partner are covered with a Standard Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. Terms and conditions vary by brand, product category, country or region. Lets us know more and we shall address your query appropriately.